Alejandro Amenabar Introduction

Hey Everyone, I want to introduce you to my new blog. Creating something that gives everyone a chance to explore their creative side and embrace it.

Whenever we are squelched with school or work or just a really tough life, being creative is really hard to do. So I want to explore the things that happen in our society that we don’t get to experience and I want to bring that out to people’s awareness.

Most of the time when we walk down the street we don’t see the best in people or in our surroundings and it’s tragic. Even when going to the movies we don’t get to experience a rich culture and a prized possession in our minds.

In order to experience the world around us we need to open our eyes and embrace the harsh reality that it is. In order to do that it is not always easy but the harshness can become a lot better when we try and we experience the world for what it is. The beauty comes into play when we realize that the way things are are the way that they should be. Whether you are working from home or taking time off, without seeing the way things are, it can make life a lot harder. If you turn on the TV and see all the turmoil in the world by watching CNN or something like that, it’s hard to experience life a beautiful. I can tell you right now, that if you are able to look and read what I write you will experience the world in a different perspective and a beautiful perspective. I’ll provide links to the topics that I talk on and give you a way to work out why things are the way they are.