Our Favorite Beautiful Animal – The Pheasant

The pheasant is a wild bird, provided that it does is r quite rustic, ie has a great capacity to adapt to adverse conditions, especially weather. However, when it comes to commercial exploitation of pheasants, the main points of importance are performance (meat, eggs, feathers, etc.) and quality aspects that are closely linked to both reproductive management and making sure you get the proper feed for what pheasants eat.

In Chile, there are not many centers pheasant farm, which translates as a very attractive alternative production from technically and economically. Technically, there is very little information about raising pheasants in Chile, so it is interesting to gain more experience to integrate this type of production to the poultry industry in the country. From the economic point of view, the pheasant is a bird considered elite, so it is not uncommon to find meat dishes gracing the finest hotels and upscale restaurants. Clearly we are not talking about a bird consumer because its price is not available to sectors with fewer resources. However, its operation is not unattainable because it does not require large costs.

By the fact of being a rather rustic species, pheasant is not very demanding requirements, which greatly facilitates handling.

Every day, people are opting for a healthier diet, which has accommodated the production and exploitation of animal species with characteristics of low-cholesterol, which a few years ago were not widespread, such as turkey, and now the ostrich. In this sense, the pheasant is an excellent alternative supply since its meat also has a very low percentage of cholesterol, like eggs.

Unlike other birds such as hen, pheasant addition to being a bird for meat production it is also highly prized as ornamental, so it is not uncommon to find embalmed birds or how pets. In almost all species of pheasant, the most quoted as ornamental is the male, for the beauty of their plumage, which is very colorful in some species. In addition, it is also highly sought by sport hunting clubs.

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Some of the species listed as ornamentals are some that I show below:

Pheasant Dorado (Chrisolophus pictus) : It is one of the most renowned for their beautiful plumage and various color mutations. Chile is one of the species listed as ornamentals.

Pheasant Lady (Chrisolophus amherstiae) : Characterized by its elegant and majestic appearance. In addition, po see one of the longest tails, along with the revered pheasant. It is considered one of the most beautiful.

Venerated pheasant (Syrmaticus reevesi) : It is characterized by its huge tail, her beautiful colorful and aggressiveness. 

Silver Pheasant (silver pheasant) : It is one of the most sought after for their beauty. It is not rare to see represented in works of Chinese art. It is characterized by a beautiful white in contrast with black and red plumage its crest.

Pheasant Mongolian or necklace (Phasianus colchicus) : Although it is more suitable for meat, the male is also important as an ornamental bird. It is also common use for sport hunting.


To start a commercial breeding of pheasants, take into account various technical aspects, as I mention below:


As already mentioned, the pheasant is a pretty rustic bird, which makes it much easier handling, and contrary to what many may think, I dare say it is less delicate than a chicken. 

As a first step, you should build the necessary infrastructure for breeding. This should possess the following characteristics:

  • Cages should be closed by both sides and the roof to prevent pheasant chicks from flying.
  • There should be feeders and waterers, located at the neck of the bird to prevent dirty food or water.
  • There should be special cages for breeding birds, since in the mating season (August – February), the best thing is to put 1 male for every three to five females in separate cages (cages coverage).
  • Cages or pens should be constructed with such an orientation as to avoid direct action of rain and wind on the birds.
  • It must have a brooder machine, or a room with heating, to remain chicks until about 40 days before being put on the floor.
  • While the female can cover their eggs, it is best to have an incubator.
  • Final cages should consider a minimum clearance of 2 m2 (hopefully more) per bird. This is very important because wild pheasant is a bird that is easily disturbed and stressed to be very enclosed, which translates into pecking and cannibalism, especially in mating season.

The Art Of Learning To Eat

In my walk like a Nutritionist I am convinced that a proper nutrition and eating rich are compatible, easy to obtain, and come without sacrificing the good taste and personal tastes. This is not about a miraculous weekly menu, or combine foods in one specific way; It has more to do with the knowledge of the composition of foods and to serve each of them in the body. Learning to eat is the key , both for weight control and for its maintenance. When we understand that each food group has a specific function in the body we can say how often it is necessary to consume. In addition to the stage of life where you are, move your needs and nutritional amounts, but the food will remain the same. The exceptions will be given depending on whether there is any disease present or some external factor as a physical activity intense or pregnancy.

food art

Eating has always had an impact on my life and how I can enjoy the world. Everyday I can tell how tuned into nature I am by what type of food I put into my body. I feel more connected when I eat the appropriate amount of food. This is due to phytonutrients and the natural state or whole foods. I notice that when I don’t get these things taken into my body, I feel worse off. This is why I always take a liquid multivitamin, Prodovite for example, has done wonders for me. I always recommend looking at reviews and this particular Prodovite review really put my mind at ease when wanting to take this supplement.

When you have proper nutrition it gives you a natural and sustainable logic, which allows you to learn to listen to what requires the body and what becomes more. I insist that learning to eat is the key, it is instinctive, you need to remember that your internal dietician will always be in your favor, thus, your health will improve and weight control will be given as an inevitable effect. Once all of the natural forces at work are aligned, we go back to the state which we were created at. The processed food and all the stimulation that happens today does not help our state of mind and being. That is why returning to our natural state is so important. One of the scientists that really turned me on to this was Dr. David Buss. He outlines in his book the explanations of why humans act the way they do and what to do about it in this modern world. 

My commitment is to guide you on the path to a healthy diet , but you will bring the rate to which you want to advance in the modification of your power ; what if I’m sure is that seeing the results you’re getting shellfish more because you will see that all your physical discomfort and metabolic disappear or decrease to the maximum, and the figure will be modified so that you will feel inspired to continue. Your body will identify that these nourishing not feeding anything else.

Alejandro Amenabar Introduction

Hey Everyone, I want to introduce you to my new blog. Creating something that gives everyone a chance to explore their creative side and embrace it.

Whenever we are squelched with school or work or just a really tough life, being creative is really hard to do. So I want to explore the things that happen in our society that we don’t get to experience and I want to bring that out to people’s awareness.

Most of the time when we walk down the street we don’t see the best in people or in our surroundings and it’s tragic. Even when going to the movies we don’t get to experience a rich culture and a prized possession in our minds.

In order to experience the world around us we need to open our eyes and embrace the harsh reality that it is. In order to do that it is not always easy but the harshness can become a lot better when we try and we experience the world for what it is. The beauty comes into play when we realize that the way things are are the way that they should be. Whether you are working from home or taking time off, without seeing the way things are, it can make life a lot harder. If you turn on the TV and see all the turmoil in the world by watching CNN or something like that, it’s hard to experience life a beautiful. I can tell you right now, that if you are able to look and read what I write you will experience the world in a different perspective and a beautiful perspective. I’ll provide links to the topics that I talk on and give you a way to work out why things are the way they are.